pib monthly compilation

Magazine name: pib monthly compilation

Publisher: Govt.Of India

source:govt of india


Since PIB is a one stop destination for all policy decision that are being taken by government therefore it appears to be very important from the point of view of UPSC.Generally , if you are following the newspaper, it should be sufficient. However if you are very particular about covering PIB as well, I can recommend two things. 1.Use weekly compilation of PIB from internet.2.Refer to “Features” tab for important articles.PIB is one weapon which the UPSC used extensively in prelims 2017. Most of the aspirants were at the receiving end. Hence its not an option to skip it for 2018.you can make notes from pib. But it consists of a lot of unwanted content that has to be filtered. It was a time consuming task.here we share  pib monthly compilation which is so much selective so don’t need to read whole thing.

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Note: We always respect the publisher and the hard work they do. We share the material which is already available in the internet and shared by someone else. we just organized it in well manner. If you have  any copy right claim then please contact with the contact form we definitely contact you with in 24 hrs or comment for removing it.

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