indian polity by laxmikant pdf

Book NameIndian polity by laxmikant pdf– 5th edition

Publisher: Tata Macgrawhill



First of all Please understand that it is not a big book in civil service exam preparation standards. Do not start anything with a negative mind set. Indian polity by laxmikant pdf is a very interesting book to study, if u can arrange the chapters in their Logical order.The reason why Polity looks so dry is because of the perception of the students that it is made up of only articles, articles and articles. And problem with the book is it is not arranged in an interesting order.Skip the first few chapters.

How to prepare from Indian polity By Laxmikant pdf ?

  • Revision is the key. Don’t expect to remember all the facts and details the very first time.
  • Don’t even try that.
  • Most importantly , analyze previous year’s question papers. See what type of question are asked and how they are asked.
  • Link with current affairs.
  • FR, FD , DPSP etc are difficult as they have laws and by-laws. Some are explicit while others are implicit. It is thus important to get the concept and soul of the article. UPSC wont ask petty details or facts. It will exploit the conceptual part.
  • Link , Link , Link – Easiest way to crack UPSC. Read about President and move on to Governor. Read about PM and move onto CM.  Read FR and move to Human Rights Commission.

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