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You should keep some important qualities needed to scratch UPSC-CSE or ias preparation that doesn’t this type of quality that you don’t have and you will not crack it, also it’s mean you have all these qualities so you can top this exam. It’s so some of qualities that will be heir in this way. Whether you are preparing for UPSC-CSE exam or not, there are certain traits that needs to simulate in one’s daily life. This preparation is a tough journey but definitely possible and be brave to take this risk.

As you embark on this journey you will witness certain changes in your personality as time goes. Don’t take it as just a fiercely competitive exam, reading and learning is often a path of self discovery.

Grasping Power

First of all most important thing is you should like studying variety of things. You should not stuck-up that you are a science background student you’ll not read Geography or if you are Arts student so will not read Biology. Try to read History, Environmental Ecology, Economy, Polity, Global pollution, International relations along with editorials from The Hindu, The Indian Express etc. If you don’t have self willing, impulse no one can hammer out.


Results will not come overnight or will not come over month it will come over years. You need to be persistent for what are happening around. Try to go through your work every day and retain your consistency with pursue.


Despite all the failures you don’t get uncertain, you don’t get demotivate, don’t feel weird. You know you are very resilient.

Comfortable with uncertainty

First time you may have failure, second year suppose you have qualified for Prelims and third year may be you can’t raise head also, that have to face because it has uncertainty. Despite all these you get not renounce to your self believe.


It is more of a marathon just like a sprint. Being chased away after day to day lesson you have to go slowly but steadily. This is not a matter that how much time you are going to take but for instance, if you start Ias preparation in May 2017 then June 2018 will give exam and September 2019 you will get selected an IAS officer that is the best case. Everybody appear 3 – 4 times or more respectively but most ideal persons  have to get ready minimum 2 years. If you are willing to put 3-4 years for this so you can forward or not.

Hard Mentality

Plz don’t follow them and be aware so far as, try to think your own choice, try to think your own process,and try to think for yourself other than following these mentality person of where this book is fantastic, that material is good, this coaching is best, test series is super you will be a lost unless you will give some what is yourself better than others.Hard mentality is needed for ias preparation

Smart worker

Always you just try to read various books on relevant topics from NCERT, websites,so called authentic books,videos, You Tube etc. Making proper flow chart, boxes, headlines, daily routine, backup, revision you can raise those topics which stumble more you will be ready in 1 hour than 3 hours or much more.you need think different for ias preparation

Analytical ability

Try to cover all dynamic portion, static portion, current affairs, essay, English, Hindi, optional everything at least as though you don’t have any regrets that I could not clear these or those. Please leave nothing to chance otherwise chance will drive you away. So, while reading you should develop a habit of questioning why?what?when? Where? How? Why?


If you want to put checkmate in this race you should practice sincerely more and more and evaluate activities to alive your motion on a regular basis.It boost your ias preparation.


Success never kisses easily, you have to fight for it. Let’s change your perspective about failure,improve your self esteem, improve your chances of success in work. Good stuff takes time to build. You will be confident to get win-win all around.

Last not the least you have to know What is the strategy.Right strategy gives you a Taste of success in life.

Thank you. We will be happy to help you.


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