How to Prepare For IAS

How to prepare for ias  

Firstly to crack UPSC-CSE PRELIMS 2018 EXAMINATION, you need to follow up a right strategy. Aspirants often find Civil Service Exam a hard nut to crack not due to lack of hardworking but due to lack of smart work. There is an expression – “The early bird catches the worm.” Those aspirants who have a good determinant starting can reach to ultimate goal at ease. Of course those who possess perseverance, impulse and will gain an absolute consequence.for this reason You have to know the proper strategy” how to prepare for ias”.

🌸 It is important to develop a drive before you can actually crack it through how to do it and how to study. We’ll not telling like how to write answer rather will be discussed a roadmap to crack hurdles.

🌸You have more better chances of clearing this exam by focusing on smart work rather than hard work and that is important to cross PRELIMS obviously hard work required but on the way of smart work will be needed here.

🌸 someone who should keep in mind for preparing this exam, if you start let’s it today and do not clear next year because you should be ready to dedicated minimum 3 years foremost. Some people attempt 6-7 times also but not to get success lack of proper strategy. It is unpredictable.

  🌸 Then need to aware the whole exam process. For example in June Prelims,in October mains,around March -April you’ll have interview and May result will come.

🌸 Understand the demand of exam. You don’t start like mess otherwise can’t find edging.

🌸 It is also much important to emphasis in getting familiar with the syllabus detail, questions pattern special facts based questions that will be faced in Prelims,what type of current affairs will be asked, how to study History, Environmental and Ecology, Art and Culture contrariwise you’ll be lost

🌸 In the sense you want to do focus more from light to deep on every subject and know upto a standard range.

🌸 Most of all aspirants ignore Prelims because the questions are objective in nature but the questions are so tricky to check the depth of a aspirant’s knowledge.

🌸 Read previous year questions. Having a strong command over the basics is better than just knowing the entire subject.

 🌸 Make your basics strong with NCERT books and count of standard books to farther go through relevant topic simultaneously will suggest some authentic books, and PDF materials that you can get our website as well as other sites also.

you can download NCERT books here online.

 🌸 We should suggest to prepare compact notes yourself. Don’t waste time to read other’s notes because you can better understand your own notes but no one else. Making it help you remember things which are tough for you in better way.

🌸 Solve previous year mock test series as much as possible to continue evaluate your piquancy that helps you to grow up conference i.e key to success.

🌸 At last talk to selected and successful candidates for enthusiasm and can see topper strategy on many channels, videos, You Tube etc etc.We hope that now you know “how to prepare for ias exam”.

Thank you so much. We’ll be happy to help you.


Picture Credit: IAS exam portal/BIJYU IAS/WIKIHOW