Headline:2nd Meeting on Economic Advisory council focus on job creation ,social sector &infrastructure —–>GK Today
a)The meeting was chaired by Dr. vivek Debroy . Member of NITI Ayog
b)Main objective is to stepping Us skill development ,job creation, Health sector development & education also.
c)Also guide to framework for 15th finance commission.
Note:1. NITI Ayog borrowed- China   2. Established : 1st January 2015  3. Full form-National Institute of Transforming India.4. Exofficio chairman-Prime minister
2.Headline:Cabinet approves creation of National testing agency—–>GK Today
a)It is an autonomous self sustained Premier Testing agency organization to conduct entrance examination like CBSE,AICTE,
b)Examination will be in online mood At least twice a year.
c)It will locate center in Rural areas for serve the Rural  students
d)chaired by educationist of Ministry of HRD.
e)It will serve 4 million students of various examination.


3.Headline:Cabinet approves 2nd national judicial pay commisson—>GK Today
a)Headed by Retitired supreme court justice P.venkatraman and R basant will be its member.
b)commission investigate  the pay structure and condition of judicial offices and salary of judicial officer of state & UT.

4.Headline: Union Cabinet Approves DTAA between India and Kyrgyz.—->GK Today
5.Headline: Debjani Gosh to be first woman President of NASSCOM.—–>GK Today

6.Headline: Cabinet  approves Mou With Philippines On agriculture  and  related fields.—–>INSIGHT
a)MOU(memorandum of understanding) provides cooperation in Rice production & processing multicrop system.
b)It will promote better understanding of agriculture practices.
7.Headlines :”Peoples First campaign”—–>PIB
a)pension fund regulatory authority has Planned to conduct Atal pension yojona campaign under the banner of “people first campaign”

8.Headlines: Prime minister Ladakh Renewable Energy initiative.—>PIB

a)Small hydro power Plant In Kargil become the first project to be commission under the Prime minister initiative.

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