Headlines:2nd Meeting on Economic Advisory council focus on job creation ,social sector &infrastructure


1.Non constitutional, non permanent & independent body

2.Give economic advice to the government of India, specially the PM.

3.it advise Pm on a whole site economic issue.

4. current chairman-vivek debroy,  Previous chairman- C Rangarajan

5.Constituted- 29 DEC 2004.

6.first chairman- Suresh Tendulkar

7.Member –no fixed number of member.

8.Present Member-vivek debroy(chairman)

                                    Ratan Wattal (finance secretary)

                                   Surjit Barla(economist)

                                  Rathin Roy(Economist)

                                  Ashima Goyal(Professor)


2. . Headline: Union cabinet approves DTAA between India and Kyrgyz.

 DTAA:(Double Tax Avoidance Agreement)

1. It means tax levied on same tax on two or more jurisdiction in same declared income .it means in same income in other  country we have to pay double tax.

2.Types: a)Economic b)juridical

3.it is a tax agreement signed  by two countries.

4.it applies in case tax payers Reside one country and earn income in another country.

5.main objective that taxpayers in these countries can avoid being avoid tax twice for same income.

6.country with agreement: japan,USA,UK,China,Singapore etc.

3.Headline: Debjani Gosh to be first woman President of NASSCOM.

NASSCOM:(National Association Of Software & Service Company)

1.       Non profit organization in IT industry.

2.       Established:1988

3.       Registered :Indian society Act 1860

4.       HQ-New Delhi             Regional office-Bengaluru,Chennai,Kolkata,etc.

5.       Work:Give software services & software product.

4. Headlines :”Peoples First campaign”

Atal Pension Yojana:

1.Year- 1st june 2015

2.Participate- All citizen Under Age Group Of 18 to 40n years.

3.Feature: a)Minimum guarantee pension 1000 to 5000.

                     b)central govt. contribute 50% or Rs 1000 per annumn for a period of 5 years 2015- 2020.

5.Headlines: Prime minister Ladakh Renewable Energy initiative .

What is it?

1.        Ministry of new  renewable energy implement it.

2.       Main aim minimize dependence on diesel in ladakh.

3.       Implemented through Small & micro hydro solar Power project.

4.       Reduce Green house emission in region.

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