1. They who don’t get time to study and like so many people they are working professional have top ranked every year in UPSC-CSE. So that is not impossible to want to be an IAS or IRS if you have a fixed goal to decide aim and we are sure to get success.

       Many people after age 25-26 who can’t afford financial burdens because they have to do some work for their families. To suggest plans and appropriate strategies to individuals preparing for exam and are working. Now anybody can quite job it is the best thing but this is to guide aspirants to crack one of the toughest exam in the world without quitting their job.

  • Aspirants preparing for UPSC-CSE and working.
  • Students in final year of college or have only 4-6 hours a day. Housewives, preparing for the exam and aiming to strike a balance between household chores and studies.
  • Anyone doing internships or part time job he seems to be eligible.
  • Aspirants those are preparing for State PSC or other exam like SSC CGL.

So, this will help you to study. If you really want to do it you moving forward otherwise you will break down.

  • You can replace one subject with other depending on your relative strength and weakness, for example if you have Geography optional then don’t study Geography that much or if you are a doctor then don’t invest time in science and technology that much.
  • You can replace one material with other depending on your background, so you read Vajiram’s Indian Polity notes you don’t need to read Laxmikanth.
  • And you can follow time table with slight modification even if you are an old player if you have 4-5 hours per day then go ahead.
  • You can modify according to need. Read International Relations mostly from current affairs, world Geography G C Leong and map from Atlas, CSAT paper-2. Give one week if you are weak and focus more an optional. At Least you should give 30 new tests before exam. 20-25% time should go on current affairs. The Hindu video watch daily and MCQs, PIB etc.

We give a short version time table of roughly 3 weeks and you can follow this similarly as per your requirements for every week from today to till UPSC-CSE PRELIMS 2018.


Sunday 1 The Hindu News paper Test 1
Week 1 (Mon-Friday) Economy class ix, Political science class ix-x,Polity -Laxmikanth The Hindu News paper
Saturday 1 Optional The Hindu, Yojana, revision of current affairs
Sunday 2 Environment The Hindu News paper Prelims 2011 paper solve
Week 2 (Mon-Friday) Geography class Xi NCERT, Economy from any video, blogs, notes The Hindu News paper
Saturday 2 If any, completely backlogs or revise weak portion, Shankar IAS ch-1-5,optional The Hindu News paper revision
Sunday 3 Shankar IAS Environment ch-6-11 The Hindu News paper revise for current affairs Prelims 2012 paper solve
Week 3 (Mon-Friday) Environment- International Bodies and convention, Economy NCERT Xi, The Hindu newspaper
Saturday 3 Optional The Hindu revise of current affairs notes


  • Make technology your best friend obviously in getting creative purpose for study. You can get entire of the world in one device by downloading notes,pdf,PIB, YouTube, video,more you look out such kind of things,can watch how to use technology more simple or more ore,reminder of test series exam.
  • Become a super learner means that exact process to boost your memory up. Anyone can rich in writing.
  • Unsubscribe to distractions. Self motivation is the key. Don’t compare yourself to your colleagues, it’s your decision.
  • Write in a piece of paper why you want to do what you are doing. Go back it whenever you feel demotivated.
  • Instead of brooding over having time to study and feeling guilty, utilize time more prudently.
  • You don’t have to leave job because it will reassure you. Those insecurity, dilemmas that you are likely to face will ease. Your financial independence will empower you.
  • While multitasking you are not likely to remember everything you study so revision is key rather than reading more.
  • You have to get a routine and method of study. Do whatever you are doing properly with 100% concentration to ensure 100% retention.
  • You might think, let me take this onshore project and then I will return and prepare for UPSC-CSE, don’t be worry and over ambitious, stay focused.
  • No doubt you have to compensate for loss of time that means doesn’t mean you go too harsh on yourself. Follow POMODORO principle where you work for 25 minutes then take 5 minutes break. Even if you study for 4 hours that is sufficient provided you know that the requirement of the hour. Find what best suits you and stick to it.